Halloween Make Up

Welcome to Halloween-Horror-Make-Up.com!

On this page you will find pictures of Halloween masks and costumes, which I've made and designed.

TerminatorThe wounds were made with nose modeling clay, but is unfortunately not led anywhere. However, there are plenty of ready-made wounds, such as gunshot wounds or cuts, burns and the like more. You should found "Halloween Make Up" in google. Unfortunately, there is nothing there for the "Terminator", my personal favorite.

What You Need

Here I would like to list what you need for the masks and with how much money you have to count.

Shrapnel in the head

  • Bullet holes latex application, 11,90 Euro *
  • Commercially Make Up, to cover the edges between 2,- and 10,- Euro *

To reuse or to achieve a better effect you will also need:

  • Theater Blood, 3,95 Euro *
  • Alcohol glue is normally used for facial hair, but should be also suitable for latex applications, 5,49 Euro *
    (Please ask! I've used “Mastix Hautkleber”.)
  • What i still really like are Blood Capsules, 8 pieces 2,99 Euro *

Together about 25,- Euro *

* All prices subject to change

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