Eye hanging out Tutorial

A brief guide to make-up of Halloween Masks!

Eye hanging out

Pretty much like this should look the finished Make Up. Have fun and good luck!

Eye hanging out

Eye hanging out



  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Nose modeling clay or soft plastic
  • Mastix or skin glue
  • Theater blood, fake blood or movie blood
  • Makeup: bright red, dark red, black and skin tones
  • Tin for the splitter, and protection of the eye
  • Tape for tape bandages, sticking to the best!
  • Paper ball from the craft store
  • Red wool for the optic nerve
  • Red, blue, brown or green Marker
  • Glue
  • Ash or finely powdered charcoal
  • Tools: a toothpick or similar, syringe for blood

Preparing the eye

Eye hanging outUse the Marker to draw the pupil and the blood vessels on the paper ball. Use the wool (unfortunately i did not have some) to twirl a bigger optic nerve. The paper balls usually have a hole, with glue or better superglue, stick the optic nerve in the paper ball, flatten all slightly!!

Fit shrapnel

Eye hanging out ShrapnelThe splitter, will be craft from a piece of tin, which is folded in the middle and have 2 relatively large wings, which go over the eyes, because of the sharp edges use tape around these wings! Thoroughly clean the skin before the glue of the shrapnel! If possible add the eye already during the glue of the shrapnel in a way that the optic nerve, comes out very close to the shrapnel. I had forgotten it here, which led to problems with the durability!

Model the eye socket

Eye hanging out Nose Modeling ClayAfter gluing, the splitter and the eye, model the area around the eyes with nose modeling clay, it is not necessary to use new one, I always use the remnants of old masks for this!

Apply reds

Eye hanging out ColorsNow apply the different reds, the dark red centered around the shrapnel, the rest of the area with more light and some dark red.

Soot tracks

Eye hanging out Russ tracksApply the black Makeup around the wound!

Soot tracks in the Wound

Eye hanging out Russ tracks 2Carefully add soot tracks into the wound with black Makeup.

Theater blood

Eye hanging out BloodNow only a bit blood and when needed soot or coal to finish the "eye hanging out".

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