Headshot Tutorial

A brief guide to make-up of Halloween Masks!

The Headshot

Pretty much like this should look the finished Make Up. Have fun and good luck!

Headshot image 1




  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Nose modeling clay or soft plastic, ball about 0,75cm diameter
  • Mastix or skin glue
  • Theater blood, fake blood or movie blood, approximately 3-5 ml
  • Makeup: bright red, dark red, black and skin tones
  • Tools: a toothpick or similar, syringe for blood

Apply Modeling Clay

Modeling ClayThe base is made of soft plastic or nose modeling clay, clean the forehead thoroughly before apply! After that press the ball ( ca. 0,75cm) a bit flat and put it on the forehead, then smooth it out in a way that no distortion can be recognized. Smooth all with Mastix or skin glue. Let it dry!

Bullet Hole

bullet holeWith a toothpick make a hole, not to let the edges stick out as much as on this picture!

Adjusting Margins

Make_UpNow cover the Nose Modeling Clay with the matching Make Up.

Wound makeup

WoundApply with a toothpick the dark red Make Up in the middle and the bright red on the edges.

Theater Blood

Theater BloodBefore you apply the theater blood, fake blood or movie blood put some black on the wound edges. Soot tracks are also possible, but can break everything, because it's difficult. Now use the syringe to let the blood run over the face. Attention to the eyes, the best is to let the blood just run through the middle. Or bow the head slightly forward and let drip over the eye socket. Sponge out too much blood from the brow with a cloth.

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