Laceration Tutorial

A brief guide to make-up of Halloween Masks!


Pretty much like this should look the finished Make Up. Have fun and good luck!




  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Ball of nose modeling clay or soft plastic
  • Theater blood, fake blood or movie blood
  • Makeup: bright red, dark red, white to almost yellow and skin tones
  • Tools: a toothpick or similar, syringe for blood

Nose Modeling Clay

LacerationMake a ball out of the Nose Modeling Clay, dependig of the size from the Laceration, I would say at least in the size of a hazelnut up to walnut size. Clean the forehead thoroughly before! Put the ball on the forehead and smooth it out! With a toothpick make a hole in the middle and move the Nose Modeling Clay to the wound edges.

Apply Make Up

Laceration makeupCover the Nose Modeling Clay with the matching Make Up.! Apply with a toothpick, on the outer wound edges, bright red Make Up. For the inner edges use dark red. And in the middle ( bone ), apply white to almost yellow.


Laceration boneAdd some dark red carefully to the white/yellow.

Theater Blood

Laceration bloodFor the completion add the theater blood.

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